Secret Trails


Secret Trails - Sedona AZ

Secret Trails
Secret Trails, what more needs to be said? This area borders on all of Sedona's bike shops, therefore it is probably the most ridden area in town.

The quickest way to get there from West Sedona is to head up Soldier's Pass Road (there's a traffic light there) from 89A, less than a mile from Mountain Bike Heaven. Follow Soldier's Pass for about a mile until you come to Rim Shadows Road. Take a right - there is a common area green on the far corner. Follow Rim Shadows Road straight, passing Rim Shadows Circle twice on the left. At the second Rim Shadows Circle continue straight on to Canyon Shadows. Pass two pink driveways on your left and take a left through the parking area and follow the 4X road out. This is an ideal route and follows Soldier's Pass dirt road 'till it ends. When you come to the little fence at the end of the road, look for the single track across the wash on you right. Do not cross the fence with your bike. This leads to "designated wilderness" where bikes are outlawed.

The single track shoots you out on the slickrock at the Seven Sacred Pools then continues on to the sink pit. From here, Secret Trails really begins. The map may help, but Secret Trails are a maze. Remember to orient yourself on the rock formations. If you get turned around, sit quietly and listen for city noises. You're never more than a mile or two from civilization.

For a real fun ride, start at Midgley Bridge and wind your way on single track all the way to the Dry Creek Basin.

Bring lots of water and have fun!!

For further trail information, contact Mountain Bike Heaven at (928) 282-1312 or stop by our Store at 1695 West Hwy 89A, Sedona AZ 86336.

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