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Little Elf Trail - Sedona AZ

Little Elf Access: Gateway to Classic Sedona Riding
The Little Elf access to Sugar Loaf Park is a great way to get initiated into the Sedona mountain bike scene. It provides access to several short loops and a couple of nasty climbs (especially the one up Sugar Loaf) and can be the jumping off spot to several other trail systems to the east and west. The easiest way to get there is to head up Coffee Pot Road towards Coffee Pot Rock, where there is a new parking area provided by the City of Sedona. Thanks!

Sedona's rides are not easy by anyone's standards, but the easiest rides from the Little Elf access include the loop around Sugar Loaf and the route that winds north onto Coffee Pot rock. These are classic Sedona Rides with short technical ups and downs and include some red rock riding. More ambitious are the rides to the east and west.

Going east, there is a nice technical route from Coffee Pot Rock into the Soldier's Pass trails which are fondly called Secret Trails. They are a great maze of single tracks that can take you as far as Midgley Bridge and Grasshopper Point.

The westerly route follows a power line trail towards Chimney Rock. The upper loop around the Chimney is quite technical and can take you out to the Dry Creek network of trails. The trail around lower Chimney is far easier and can also take you to the Dry Creek area.

For the truly gnarly the climb up Sugar Loaf offers a technical challenge. It is completely rideable, but not for the weak of heart. Its ruggedness is accented by the rock field at the top.

Due to the accessibility of this area, there are other trail users to look out for. It is a favorite for dog walkers, so be careful. Remember to slow down and yield the trail and PLEASE BE COURTEOUS. We want Sedona trails to remain multi-use. Don't forget to get slimed before you go, fill your water bottles and enjoy.

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