Dry Creek Basin


Dry Creek Basin Trail - Sedona AZ

Dry Creek Basin
The Dry Creek Basin offers a multitude of riding. You can find easy to difficult, and there is stuff in between as well. By hooking up the Chimney rock access, you can make your way by trail to the Dry Creek area. For those less adventuresome, it's only four miles along the road to get to the Old Dry Creek Road turnoff.

The Old Dry Creek Road (152) is a five-mile-down, five-mile-back dirt road with great views. It appears that you're going downhill the whole way out, but don't panic, it's quick on the way back as well. You can lock your bike at the end of the road and do a great five-mile hike to Vultee Arch, but NO BIKE RIDING please. The other dirt road ride out in this direction is the Indian ruins at Red Canyon and Loy Canyon. Loy Canyon is the further ride, and is 15 miles from the bike shop. It's a rolling series of dirt roads with the best scenery occurring on the way back, as you ride into the redness. These dirt roads can take you the whole way to Sycamore Canyon, so if distance is what you're after, that's the way.

The other routes in the Dry Creek area are more technical, with the easiest being Long Canyon Trail to Deadman's Pass. This is an obliterated double-track climb ending in a series of whoop-de-doo downhills. It's short and sweet and will leave you looking for more. Have no fear, you can access more cool riding just beyond and opposite the Fay Canyon parking area. This area contains a maze of dirt roads, power line trails and single tracks.

Probably the most technical single tracks in this area, and my personal favorites, are the entry to the cockscomb trails just opposite the Old Dry Creek Road (152) and the excellent trail from the first camping area off the left side of 152. These trails emulate the rough and tough terrain that Sedona is known for.

Have fun and don't forget to get slimed!

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