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One day I get a call from Dangerous Dave " Hey Trouble, Robert the magician gave me the number of a woman who is looking for extreme mountain bike action footage for a television show". WOW! that’s right up our alley, who’s more extreme than the Mountain Bike Heaven Gnarly Crew, not to mention we just love making movies.

So I call Termite Art Productions in Hollywood Ca. and send a Copy of our CRASH HIT video "Dances on Rocks ". As it turns out, The Learning Channel (TLC) was creating a series on extreme lifestyles called "TOO EXTREME" and wanted a gnarly segment on mountain biking.

They loved the flick and sent a film team to capture the crew alive in action: here's a little pictorial of our 1st time on National Television. We also boiled the segment down to Real Video for your enjoyment.


MBH "TOO EXTREME" Segment Real Video Low Res 28.8
MBH "TOO EXTREME" Segment Real Video Hi Res Cable Modem


Oh Yea, PLEASE check out our sponsors links who kindly sent us gear so we could look our best on World Wide Television...


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